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3 Data Management Mistakes You Make Every Day

3 Data Management Mistakes You Make Every Day

Computer failure can make life miserable.

Computer failure can make life miserable.

We live in a virtual age. It can be said that computers make our lives easier and more efficient, but we also rely on them more than ever. The inescapable fact remains that even though manufacturing standards have improved, it is not a case of if your server, computer or laptop will fail, it is simply a case of when.

Regardless of which OS you use, Mac, Linux or Windows, all it takes is for you to integrate a few key rules into your organisation, to make sure your company doesn’t suffer any catastrophe, and lose profits due to an unplanned failure.

Below, we cover some of the main mistakes made every day regarding data backup.


  1. No data backup.

  2. Have you ever thought what you would do if one day, you could not access your regular files? Too often these days, we are working on portable devices, small USB sticks, laptops. And many, many hours of work remains stored, but never saved. Losing a laptop while travelling on business, or misplacing a USB stick can be tragic. Combine that with the chances of losing files to viruses, spilling your coffee on your computer, or just physical theft, and you’re faced with a numerous situations where you might not get your work back.

    Add up the hours. How many weeks progress has been lost or setback?

    From a critical end of term assignment, to your company’s accounts, save yourself the frustration and inconvenience of losing critical files. Automatic file backup services like Protexia exist simply to give you added protection and the peace of mind. Not only can you backup locally with Protexia, but any new changes that you have made can be securely stashed away at our server ready for retrieval at your convenience.

    With scheduled automatic backups, never again will you have to think about the safety of your data.

    Filing Cabinet

    Organised storage for easy location.

  3. Common filing system
    There is nothing worse than seeing a whole list of ‘Untitled’ and ‘864hf86y7j’ listed in front of you, and not knowing which version is located where. Of course it may be easier just to hit ‘save’ and accept a generic file name; with a long list of other jobs, it may be the only thing to do! But by just taking an extra second or two to input a clear file name, you will most certainly save time in the future.

    In addition to the end files, don’t forget the folders either! Discuss a common departmental filing system, so all employees and colleagues will be able to save time and quickly locate files.

  5. ‘Save to e-mail’ syndrome.
    It is easy habit to fall into, saving documents into email, as most of us leave our accounts open at work. If you have a speech to deliver the afternoon, or just need to work on something over the weekend, e-mail provides a quick and convenient backup solution. But expand this over the course of many months, and you will easily find that not only is your account storage space being eaten up, but also that individual files become increasingly hard to find.

    Critical files are always best saved to a remote location, so you have the freedom to access them regardless of your physical location. One extra benefit of this is that you will not have a maximum file size, so you can upload and recover with ease.

Protexia is an online backup and recovery solution for a range of businesses and personal users. The ethos of the company centres on offering exemplary quality while maintaining market leading prices.

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